Wednesday, February 1, 2012

So What Wednesday

Time for So What Wednesday! Go link up with Shannon and tell her what your saying So What To!

  • So what if my house smells like dog poop, M tracked it in this morning & even after cleaning it up I can't get that smell out!
  • So what if H played with scissors today, at least he didn't run with them
  • So what if I love NCIS....I could watch it all day everyday....I am old
  • So what if I worked out this morning only to have a piece of birthday cake for lunch
  • So what if I'm sad that this is H's birth month, please don't turn 3!!
  • So what if I'm a little jealous of everyone's weekly bump updates I didn't do that with H and it makes me want another babe just so I can


  1. the working out totally made up for the cake. no big deal! :)

  2. So what if my kids are beating the snot out of each other while I sit in front of the fire and play on my iPad? It's raining, after all. :)


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