Monday, February 13, 2012

Why Do I Blog?

Happy Monday everyone! H and I are both a little under the weather but are excited for the possibility of snow tonight! I am linking up with Neely from A Complete Waste Of MakeUp to tell a little bit about this blog of mine! Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment so I can look up your blog and follow you!

1. Tell us why you blog

I started this blog when we were living in FL to keep our families up to date on Hudson.  While I started out just posting pictures of H it kind of blossomed and now I blog about anything and everything that is going on in our lives. Blogging is such an outlet for me, you may not always like what I have to say but that is what is so wonderful about blogging, I don't have to please everyone, only myself.

2. Tell us about your blog

Like I said above this blog really started as a way for me to share pictures and stories about H. Now I blog about my feelings about wanting to go back to work after being laid off over 6 months ago and about trying to figure out if we want to have another baby.  There are light moments and heavy moments but every moment is real.

3. Tell us about you

I grew up in Richmond VA, went to ECU and VCU, started grad school at ODU, and might be finishing it soon. M and I moved to FL after he finished Business school, we lived there for 3 1/2 years. We moved to TN 3 months ago for M's new job and are slowly getting used to cold weather again! I love going back home, to my parents river house, and to a family spot in Canada!

4. Tell us about your job

Right now I am a SAHM to my almost 3 year old son :) I was laid off from my job back in July, moved in November so it has been a little crazy. I would love to go back to work 3-4 days a week or we have been talking about me going back and finishing my masters, hopefully we will have some news soon!

5. Tell us about your city

I live outside Nashville in cute little town. It was very hard to move from a big city with about 5 of everything to a town where there is only 1 CFA!! We are loving it though! There is so much to do with kids and we are excited to check out everything! I have been into Nashville once but am hoping to maybe meetup with some of you while your here for BLISSDOM.

6. Tell us about your favorite activities/hobbies/things to do

I love to pretend that I am crafty, thank you Pinterest! I enjoy being outside, hiking, walking, etc. I am a water baby who loves to swim, ski, tube, heck I have even gone barefooting! I am starting to enjoy cooking! Any reality TV like the housewives I love, I also like anything on HGTV!

Hope you enjoyed this little about me post! 


  1. Great post! My in-laws live in TN (Lewisburg)!

  2. Such a great post! I lived in VA for almost four years and loved it!


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