Thursday, August 30, 2012

Life In Instagram Plus A Recipe

Once again instagram to the rescue...

It was quiet upstairs 1 morning & when I came upstairs this is what I found

H likes to cook

We meet some new twitter friends!
Rhys, Annie Louise, and Hudson

crazy hula hoop ladies

Farmer's Market with Sydney

building a Nissan

I made Skillet Ravioli one night...recipe below

Hudson practicing relaxing for vacation

Skillet Ravioli Recipe

(serves 2)
1/2 lb ground turkey
small bag frozen ravioli
half jar of your favorite pasta sauce

cook ravioli per package instructions
cook turkey in pan, once cooked add sauce...I usually add some garlic powder but flavor to taste
put cooked ravioli on plate and add sauce on top

so easy and so good!

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Intimidation Factor

I still consider myself new to this whole blogging thing. When I started my blog I really had no idea the world that would open up to me. I've embraced that world, made friends, meet new people, and most importantly learned "how" to blog.

Now, with that being said I still feel intimidated by the blogging world in general. I have a mere 29 followers, no sponsors, and no cool blog design that I paid for. When I'm reading other blogs I think wow these ladies have it all together, they can write one day about their kids then the next day your drawn in by their writing on their faith...see the intimidation...

I'm intimidated to put myself out there for the world...what if nobody likes what I have to say, or what if I make a fool out of myself! I know that these other bloggers that I look up to probably started out like I did and I take some comfort in that but man do I wish I could just put it out there.

Then I think gosh these ladies have created a business out of their blogs and man that must be a lot of responsibilities. Maybe one day this blog will go places but for now it's just us :)

So to my followers, please bear with me as I find my voice on this here blog. I might not always make sense or have insightful posts but I'm trying and I appreciate your blog support!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Flashback Friday: Hudson's Favorite Place

If you need me next week I'll be here...Hudson's favorite place

Friday, August 17, 2012

Annoying Instagram Mountain Pictures

So if it weren't for Instagram I wouldn't have any pictures! Here are my favorites from our mountain weekend :)

While waiting on our friends we saw a deer at the top of the driveway!

Hudson & Jack watching Cars 2

M swinging on the porch swing :)

Hudson in front of the fountain at Sewanee


Hudson & Jack loved playing on the beach

Who doesn't nap with their water gun?

Night swimming

One last campfire

Hudson and Dada right before we had to leave :(

Didn't even make it to the highway before falling asleep!

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