Sunday, August 10, 2014

As If Life Wasn't Crazy Enough....

We are moving back home to Richmond...this in 3 days from now! Mack has accepted what amounts to his dream job with another car company and while the decision to move was the hardest one we've had to make, it is the right move.

Murfreesboro has become our home and it holds our heart. The people we have met and the church community that wrapped their arms around us are going to be hard to leave and hard to replicate in a "new" city.

Going home will be nice, we haven't lived in Richmond in 8 years, having free babysitters is also going to be something we take full advantage of :)

Moving with a 3 week old is not my idea of fun and my wonderful father is flying here to drive myself, the kids, the dogs, and the boat back to VA....he is a saint! The drive would normally take us about 10 hours but I anticipate a much longer drive due to having to stop every 3 hours to feed Claiborne.

So while the big day draws closer I continue to be in a state of denial on top of lack of sleep! Once we are settled I will update with how everything went, but for now please send me some good vibes to make it through these next few days.

Friday, July 25, 2014


Claiborne Marie Dickson Lindsey
July 18, 4:46am 6lbs 8oz and 19 1/4 inches long

Surprise!! Little miss Claiborne decided to join us early at 36 weeks, just like her big brother.

Much to our delight Claiborne did not have to go to the NICU and was able to be in the regular nursery.

We are home and settling into life as a family of 4, as settled as we can be after all the excitement of the week!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Claiborne Update

Thought I'd drop in and give y'all an update on Claiborne and how I ended up on bedrest.

2 weeks ago at 32 weeks I started having what I thought were minor contractions around 6pm, I had downloaded a contraction timing app and after about an hour of contractions I started timing them.  By around 9:30 they were 2 minutes apart and becoming more and more painful, I knew I needed to go to the hospital.

I drove myself to the hospital so that Mack didn't have to wake Hudson in case this was a huge false alarm. I just kept thinking as soon as I get there they'll stop and the nurses will think I am crazy.  The nice thing was that they took me right up to labor and delivery and I didn't have to wait at all. At this point I was still thinking I would be going home in 2 hours...then the nurse checked me and low and behold I was 2cm dilated and 40% effaced! Contractions were now about 1 minute apart!

I was immediately started on magnesium to stop my progress and then I got a big ol shot of steroids to help speed up Claiborne's development in case they ended up having to deliver her. I didn't get much sleep that night as the contractions were still coming and there was no getting comfortable at that point.

The verdict was that I was going to have a nice weekend stay at the hospital hooked up to the magnesium and times. They even had the NICU doctor come up and talk to me because if I delivered this early we would definitely be getting a stay in the NICU for several weeks.

The boys came to see me and brought me flowers! Hudson was so sweet and just wanted to sit next to me the whole time.

My sweet Godmother and Godsister sent me the most gorgeous flowers

I ended being able to leave Saturday night which was a welcome relief but I am on bed rest for the foreseeable future in order to keep little miss where she is. Thank goodness I can work from home or else I would be going completely insane! 

Now we are just trying to get ready for C's arrival whenever that might be! 

Friday, May 16, 2014

5 On Friday

5 differences in my pregnancies....

1. Since I had Hudson at 36 weeks my doctor put me on a new (read expensive) shot that I get 1x a week to help keep Claiborne in my tummy! I have been getting the shot since 16 weeks and will stop around 34 weeks. My boss has been really amazing with me having to leave or come in late every week which is great.

2. I didn't work while I was pregnant with Hudson. This time around I work in a building that takes me over half a mile to walk to and from the lunch So while I do get in some walking everyday, walking in dress shoes leads to swollen feet, which only happened to me once while pregnant with Hudson. I also am way more stressed out and have to remind myself to keep calm!

3.  I have a 5 year old! A 50 pound 5 year old who still wants me to carry him... We are working on H's independence in certain areas so that hopefully he can help me out and be a little more self sufficient once his sister gets here.

4.  Morning sickness is not just a 1st trimester thing. I was never sick with Hudson. This time even before I officially knew I was pregnant I was so nauseous! There were 2 days where I couldn't even get out of bed I felt so bad, on top of that I was car sick every time I got in the car. It was miserable! I kept waiting for the relief that everyone told me was coming and while I have felt much better I still have some lingering morning sickness about once or twice a week.

5. Claiborne is a mover and a shaker. Hudson never moved! With Hudson I would have to go to the Dr's a few times to check on him b/c he just never moved! Claiborne moves all the time...I love it! 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Our Sweet Girl Has A Name

After much deliberation our baby girl has a name.....

Claiborne Marie Dickson Lindsey

Hudson has added Claiborne to his nightly prayers and we are excited to welcome her in August!

Friday, February 21, 2014

15 Weeks with Baby Lindsey

15 Weeks with Baby Lindsey
How far along?: 14 weeks

How big is your baby?: the size of a navel orange
Total weight gain: 5lbs give or take the day...

Sex: Find out March 28th!
Maternity clothes: I am living in my Gap leggings
  Sleep: a little better this week
Symptoms: Better only if I eat every 2 hours, if I don't then hello nausea 
Best moment this week: Spending time with my parents while they were in town
Food cravings: fruit, nutty buddys, and pretty much everything you can think of

Belly button in or out: in.
What I miss: I miss not wasting my time sitting at the Dr's office for those lovely 5 minute appointments, have never waited for less than an hour
What I'm looking forward to: finding out the gender of this little one

Thursday, February 13, 2014

14 Weeks with Baby Lindsey

(excuse the face....this was before church on Sunday)

How far along?: 14 weeks

How big is your baby?: the size of a peach
Total weight gain: 5lbs give or take the day...

Sex: Don't know yet
Maternity clothes: yep, although finding good work maternity clothes has been challenging
  Sleep: not great, Hudson has decided to use our bathroom in the middle of the night instead of his own which leaves me restless
Symptoms: Better only if I eat every 2 hours, if I don't then hello nausea 
Best moment this week: I'm going to skip this one and go with best moment last week...getting ultrasounds 2 days in a row due to an uncooperative little one
Food cravings: fruit, nutty buddys, and pretty much everything you can think of

Belly button in or out: in.
What I miss: after Hudson being sick monday and a no snow snow day today i really could go for a beer
What I'm looking forward to: finding out the gender of this little one

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