Monday, June 28, 2010

Many Many Pictures

We had a busy week last week and a ton of pictures to share with everyone!

Hudson is really into climbing into boxes and anything he thinks he can fit into! He has also started to climb onto his table and dance on it.....we may have problems in our future!

Mack and I are looking forward to Hudson's 2nd Fourth of July this weekend are planning on enjoying as many pool parties, cookouts, and fireworks as possible!!!

Hudson and I will be heading up to Richmond next Tuesday for a week, so call us if you want to see us!

Hudson climbing in his tunnel

Hudson and Daddy out at dinner

In a box

Hudson and Daddy made a fort!
He climbed into his fridge

Standing on his table

Such a cutie!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just Because....

...I am a daddy's girl I had to put up a couple pictures of me and my dad! I love you DADDY!

Dad and I with Hudson

Dad and I in front of my first house in Orlando

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's day to my Daddy and to Mack, I love you both!!!!! My dad is my hero and I am a true Daddy's girl!!!

Mack is an amazing dad to Hudson, he loves every minute he has with him. Hudson in return loves his daddy unconditionally! When daddy goes to work Hudson follows him to the door and tries to go with him. When he hears the alarm beep he always looks to see if it is daddy, and if it is he breaks out into a huge grin and runs towards melts my heart!

Hudson made brownies for Daddy and got him a really cute card! He also let daddy and mommy sleep until 9am! We spent the day together running errands and watching the US Open.

Hudson and Daddy with Daddy's Father's Day gift

Eating brownie mix
Licking his fingers!

We love you Papa and Granddaddy!!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Hot Hot Hot

Whew it is so hot down here in Florida! The heat index yesterday was 108!!! Needless to say we have been spending lots of time the nice cold a/c. Hudson went his friend Sydney's 1st birthday party at Gymboree and had absolute blast! Sadly Sydney and her family are moving to DC this week and then to a foreign country :(

One of my mommy friends has been knitting little hats and we had a photo shoot this week with all the kids in her hats! Hudson of course wore the frog hat, it was a little small but we stretched it to fit his big head!

Sunday our neighbors were getting rid of an old child size table and chairs so we took it off their hands for free!!!! Hudson loves sitting at it and eating his snack.

Have a great week!

Frog Man
Hudson and his buddies at the pool
Having fun at Gymboree
Sitting at his new table

My little frog!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Anniversary

4 years ago today my parents threw us the most amazing wedding a girl could ask for!

Happy Anniversary Mack, 4 years and a baby later....

Mack and I with Hudson 2009

Mack and I at Bay Hill 2010
Mack and I graduation 2008
Mack and I in St. Louis 2007

Wedding day 6/3/06

Memorial Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! We had the best weekend at the beach!

Hudson and I drove up to New Symrna Beach Friday afternoon and made sure the rental house was up to par, which it was and more! We then waited for everyone to arrive, Tim, Laura, Daddy, Zach, and Parrish.

Friday night Mack grilled 2 wonderful flank steaks and we had a great meal. Saturday morning we headed down the block to the beach, where we stayed you can drive onto the beach so Mack loaded up the jeep and met us out there. Hudson didn't sit down once the whole first day! He was in the water 90% of the time and was completely worn out before lunch. We tried going out to dinner Saturday night but after an hour and half wait Mack and I took a hungry and tired Hudson home and let everyone else stay and enjoy dinner.

Sunday Hudson again played all day with hardly any rest....he is a true beach baby! We went to dinner early so that we could all eat together, it was great. Monday we went to the beach early and then everyone left around lunch time to head back to Orlando.

I am a self confessed non-beach person, but I have to say that I enjoyed the small amount of relaxing I did get but most of all I loved seeing Hudson have so much fun! Until next time, have a great week!

Our little family on the beach
Mommy and Hudson
My two boys Daddy and Hudson

Hudson had no fear of the water....this was a rare time he actually held someone's hand

So happy to play!
Hudson eating the domino's
Poor guy fell asleep with a fist full of goldfish!
The only time he sat down the whole first day
Driving the jeep with daddy!

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