Friday, February 24, 2012

A Little Pre-Birthday Excitement

Well if the picture above didn't give it away...Hudson has a fun new accessory, that beautiful Dinosaur cast!
Wednesday after dinner H was trying to climb into our extremely tall bed, while pulling him up he decided to play the I'm gonna go limp game and make y'all lift 35lbs of dead's a fun game :( We put ice on his wrist/hand right away, there wasn't any swelling or bruising so we really weren't sure what had happened. He was very protective of it and was holding his arm right next to his body, he would cry when we tried to look at it. I made the decision not to rush to the ER for a number of reasons, one of them being the wait. We put him to bed and watched him all night, I knew if he moved it during the night (he is an active sleeper) that it was most likely ok.  Well our active sleeper didn't move a muscle except to cry in pain about every hour or was horrible to listen to knowing there wasn't anything I could do for him.

Thursday morning we went up to the walk in clinic (we cannot go to the ped yet since he hasn't had his well visit) they were wonderful and got us an appt with an orthopedic right away! Thank God M was with us! He took H in for xrays and pretty much held him the entire time. The xray didn't show any broken or fractured bones, the Dr poked H's arm up and down and he kept saying nothing hurt, we thought we were in the clear...until she tried to rotate his wrist, cue the tears and screams :( She said he most likely has a small fracture that isn't showing up on the xray and recommended a cast for 3 weeks!

H loved that he got to have a dinosaur cast and seemed to be adjusting to it well....until bathtime.  Poor guy couldn't understand why I couldn't take it off and cried the whole time :( Today seems to going better and I am trying to get him to realize he can still use his fingers ;)

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