Sunday, August 10, 2014

As If Life Wasn't Crazy Enough....

We are moving back home to Richmond...this in 3 days from now! Mack has accepted what amounts to his dream job with another car company and while the decision to move was the hardest one we've had to make, it is the right move.

Murfreesboro has become our home and it holds our heart. The people we have met and the church community that wrapped their arms around us are going to be hard to leave and hard to replicate in a "new" city.

Going home will be nice, we haven't lived in Richmond in 8 years, having free babysitters is also going to be something we take full advantage of :)

Moving with a 3 week old is not my idea of fun and my wonderful father is flying here to drive myself, the kids, the dogs, and the boat back to VA....he is a saint! The drive would normally take us about 10 hours but I anticipate a much longer drive due to having to stop every 3 hours to feed Claiborne.

So while the big day draws closer I continue to be in a state of denial on top of lack of sleep! Once we are settled I will update with how everything went, but for now please send me some good vibes to make it through these next few days.

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