Monday, January 30, 2012

Our Weekend

Oh Monday how I wish you hadn't come! We had a great weekend and I am so sad it is over!  Friday night we went out to dinner at a local pizza place, H loved it :) Saturday we drove into Nashville to check out the farmers market, there weren't too many vendors seeing as it is January but it was fun. Our old farmers market at Lake Eola is bigger this time of year so I guess I was used to seeing so much more.  There is a great park area next to the market that was a great place for H to run around and get some energy out.
Sunday Mack and I watched season 2 of White Collar....ummm if you have not watched this show please do!! I am so bummed that USA (like TNT) splits seasons up, so we have missed half of season 3 which aired over the summer, the second half started last week but since it isn't on netflix or hulu we can't catch up! The only way to catch up is to pay $2.99 per episode on itunes :(  So mad!

Veggies at the market

Capitol building

 H running around

made it up the hill

Dada and Hudson

snuggling after dinner

Friday, January 27, 2012

Flashback Friday: New York Trip

Flashing back to the spring of '08 and an awesome girls weekend in NYC! Two of my bffs, Meggie and McQueen lived there at the time and we had the best time!  I have known these 2 my whole life, my dad has known their moms his whole day I can say our kids have known each other their whole lives. Even though '08 doesn't seem that long ago a lot has changed in 4 years, I have moved to 2 diff state, had a baby, McQ went to grad school, Megs moved overseas and is now in always changes but your friends are always there no matter geography!

there is never a dull moment with these 2 around!

me and Meggie

me and McQueen in central park

street dancers at Columbus Circle

black & white party

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Today I turn 29...and all I keep thinking is 1 more year till 30
Here is to hoping 29 has less ups & downs than 28!

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