Friday, March 8, 2013

I'm A Mess...And That's Ok!

For a long time I would read blogs and think that these girls just had it all together...southern living picture perfect homes, kids who excelled at everything, and marriages that were perfect. I'll be honest part of me wanted to "pretend" that was me too, but it isn't...not by a long shot!

Most days I'm a complete and utter mess! Yes, some mornings my kid goes to school without having his hair prefectly coiffed and we might even forget to brush his teeth in our rush. Thank goodness he wears a uniform b/c if I had to actually pick out an outfit for him everyday I would probably die.

My house is usually only clean if we are having company or a babysitter is coming over. Even then I shove everything that doesn't have a "home" into a closet or in our bedroom and shut the door. The laundry is never ending and half the time doesn't make its way back into drawers.

Oh and marriage is tough stuff! M and I constantly have to work on not only ourselves but our marriage which I actually think is pretty healthy. Yes, we fight over things like finances and other things but we also come together as partners.

And all of these things are ok, so what if my house could use a good scrub down and the dishes aren't washed every night..I would much rather be spending time with Hudson and M than doing dishes any day.

What you have to remember when your reading blogs is that we are only showing you snapshots of our lives, I mean who wants to read about a disagreement that M and I had? But also beware of those who put off that their life is perfect because it probably isn't. I try to be as honest as I feel comfortable being here but just know that I am not perfect, my house is not perfect, and my marriage is not is all a work in progress!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Snow Day!

A couple weeks ago we had a little snow day! Hudson and Daddy got to stay home while Mommy had to go to work :( Before I left I snapped some pictures of H playing in the snow! I really wish it had snowed a little more but I am glad H got to experience the snow.

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