Friday, June 28, 2013

5 On Friday

I am linking up with Natasha again for 5 On Friday! Go check out this new mama to 2's blog!

1. Vineyard Vines is having their Whale of A Sale right now & I am really itching to buy 1 of everything!

2. One month from today we will be headed to 1 of my favorite places....Muskoka! This will be Hudson's 1st time going and my 1st time in 5 years!! Which is hard to believe! My whole family will be there which will make the trip even better :)

3. I have my 2nd week of work in the books and the next 2 will be hot & quiet....the plant shutsdown for 2 weeks over the summer and most people take vacation and those who don't like myself and Mack get to come to work in a nice hot building....the air is only on from 8-4 M-F. I think next week there will be 4 people in my group here including myself.

4. Hudson has been at camp at the YMCA this week, I cannot say enough great things about Camp Little Y, they swim 2x a day, have prayer time, school time, etc. Twice a week they have swimming lessons and on top of that we have Hudson in outside swimming lessons 4 days a week...kid is super tired which is a good thing!

5. Mack is golfing this weekend so H and I are going to have lots of mommy son time and lots of froyo dates!

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Another Picture Dump

Yet another post of pictures from my phone since my laptop doesn't want to cooperate with me! I feel like the summer is flying by! How is it almost July?? We have been keeping busy between a new job, camp for H, swimming lessons, and trying to have a few date nights! Here is look at what we've been up to...

Hudson had his last day of school at the end of May....such a difference from November!
Surprise Mack and I actually made into the city for dinner & a concert...on a work night too!
We ate dinner at fat tater tots anyone? AMAZING!
I cannot remember what M had but I had an amazing Strawberry Chicken Salad....yum!
Waiting for the show to start at they Ryman....and by show I mean the crazy couple dancing in front of us
DISPATCH!!! Probably hands down one of the best shows I have ever been to!
Ice Cream date with H
Oh hello college age Hudson
Papa got H 2 lacrosse sticks and we have been practicing...although lacrosse really hasn't made it down here
Hudson had VBS last week & then they sang during church on Sunday....guess who was the only child who stood there without singing or doing any of the movements...
After church we packed up and headed to the lake with our friends the Bartsch's
Hudson, Ben, & Molly tubing
Dada & Hudson tubing
When Dada is out of town we stop for ice cream after swimming lessons & before dinner

Say a little prayer as I single parent it from Wednesday to Sunday....Mack better enjoy golfing....

Friday, June 21, 2013

5 On Friday

I am linking up with Natasha for 5 On Friday!!! Go link up and checkout the other blogs! Have a great weekend!

1.  My new job is going well....I survived week 1 and am literally flying by the seat of my pants! I pretty much went out to lunch everyday but Wednesday and that is going to have to change b/c there aren't any healthy places to eat around here.

2. Hudson has had VBS this week and is loving it! He did it last year but it was like pulling teeth to get him to tell me what he did (I taught VBS last year so I knew what he was learning), this year he tells me what they did everyday!
this is how i found him Monday when I cam home from work

3. We had a loaner Armada for 2 nights last week and fell in love with it. It was a shock to us that we liked it, it is huge but drives better than my explorer and the gosh the room! So we ordered one! Mack will be giving up his Infiniti sedan and we will be a 2 SUV household come August when both our Armada and Xterra come in.  I must say they perks of working for a car company are pretty cars every 8 months is nice.

4. How is it that today is June 21st? Where are the days going??? I feel like Memorial Day was just the other day and yet the 4th is upon us!! I am not ready for summer to be over although every summer weekend all I do is wish I were at the Rivah!

5. I missed Father's day here on the blog so here is a pic of Mack and Hudson with Mack's present...a new Yeti cooler...he might be in love and storing beer in it as we speak

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Changes Are A Comin'

I know every time I write a title like that half of you think I'm knocked up again...sorry to disappoint you!

I've been keeping a secret from Facebook & this here blog...if you follow me on Twitter you already know...I got a NEW JOB! Not just any job and not with just any company but with NISSAN which if you didn't already know is where Mack works also! We will be working in the same place but in different departments and I've already told Mack how awesome it will be to eat lunch together everyday....he didn't seem as thrilled as I was.

This is my last week at my current job and I am super sad to leave to friends that I have made here but you don't turn down double the pay and shorter commute! I have been working part time but with an hour commute each way and even with going full time I will still be gone the same hours I already was so that was a plus. The only thing I will miss is taking Hudson to school everyday...that will fall to daddy now.

So here goes nothing, big girl job with a big girl company...I'm still not sure what they saw in me ;)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

South Carolina in iPhone Pics

Since my computer has bit the dust I can't upload all my camera pictures so iPhone photos will have to do.

Last Wednesday I sent my baby off to Charleston on an airplane with my FIL! Mack took him to the airport to meet Big Daddy and I about chased the car down the street. I came home from work that day and it was so quiet...I kept waiting for him to walk in the room!

Mack and I left midday Thursday for Charleston, we ended up leaving earlier to try and beat Tropical Storm Andrea. We hit a ton of rain but it wasn't horrible.

Friday morning we were woken up by Hudson and boy were we happy to see him! Mack really wanted to go to Hominy Grill for breakfast so we headed out hoping there wasn't a line...surprisingly there wasn't a wait at all (this was Spoleto week so normally it would've been packed), I think people were scared away by the weather.

We headed down to Beaufort for a wedding around lunch time hoping H would nap in the car...he fell right asleep but we stopped too soon for gas and he was up the rest of the time. As soon as we got there he was wired! Nothing like seeing both grandparents in 1 day plus Uncle Todd and Bonnie. We went canoeing and then experienced the wrath of mud!

That night my parents helped throw a party for the bride & groom so while they were at the rehearsal dinner we grabbed dinner with friends and then headed to the party! H had a ball running around like a crazy person but M & I  were about dying chasing after him.

Saturday my dad I took H over to Parris Island which was really neat! During naptime a few of us went and shopped in downtown Beaufort. I got a babysitter from Saturday night so we could enjoy the wedding without chasing around a 4 year old. The wedding was at the bride's family farm and it was gorgeous! It was probably the best wedding ceremony that I have ever been to, the Homily was amazing and the bride's sister & another girl sang the most incredible song....folky gospel it was amazing!!!

I loved getting to see all my friends and family from VA and of course the weekend went by way too quickly!
headed to the airport

Big Daddy, Hudson, and Gigi

Hudson got stuck in the mud, I got stuck trying to help him, Mack pulled him out, and he came out without his shoes....we found 1 but the other was gone

Mack and Hudson

Uncle Todd and Hudson

Parris Island Museum with Papa

Mack & I at the wedding

the view

the house

Hank and Daddy

My awesome family!

Ti and I

Mimi, Hudson, and Papa

Ready for the trip home

Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy 7th Anniversary

7 years ago these 2 crazy people got married....and in 3 days we are going back to where it all took place!
I am not a huge Anniversary celebrating person, we don't usually do gifts just have a nice dinner. This year we went to see Dispatch at the Ryman and it just so happened that we have a wedding to go to in SC this weekend so we are making a pit stop in Charleston for like 10 hours. If I could fit in every restaurant that I want to go to in that time span I would bt Mack might convince me to wait in line at Hominy Grill after maybe 3 hours of sleep b/c it is that good.'s to 7 years of marriage and God willing many more!

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