Monday, February 6, 2012

A Little Football And Menu Planning

This is a mish mash post of pictures from a couple weeks ago! Hudson has really gotten into sports and loves to play football with his dada! We went to a friend of a friends house last night for superbowl and H spent almost the whole time with about 5 girls ranging in age from 15 to 5 watching movies! Apparently the oldest girl had been wanting a puppy but told her mom she wanted H instead!  He must have made quite the impression :) Needless to say M was very pleased at his lady killing ways!

playing in the tent with Daddy

the no nap thing didn't work...4:30 naps don't really work either though

 Watching the new girll/smoker get delivered

playing football with daddy in footie pajamas!

We have gotten back into menu planning these last 2 weeks and have really noticed a difference in our grocery bill since we are only buying things need for dinners and not just random stuff that we never use! Here is our menu for this week

Mon:  Chicken Divan
Tues:  Baked Mac & Cheese
Wed:  Baked Potato Soup from
Thurs:  PF Chang frozen meal over rice (these are really good and very quick and easy)
Fri:  Out for dinner

I am also making 3 out of the 4 things this week since M has been working until 9 or so, I have never cooked this much so hopefully I don't kill us! If the Chicken Divan is good I will post the recipe tomorrow :)

Happy Monday!


  1. Cute pictures! I need to do better about menu planning.

  2. Hey! Thank you! I can never reply to your comments b/c it is the "no reply" address - this may be on purpose, but just in case it is not....

    And yes, the husband and I both went to UVA!!!


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