Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Days and A Sad Goodbye

The weather in Orlando has finally turned to spring! After a long winter the temps are in the 70's and 80's now! We have had a lot of fun playing outside in this beautiful weather :)

Hudson loves to push around his little John Deere gator, we actually got him a motorized power wheels one this weekend! He also loves to throw his big red ball while in the backyard, although Mommy does not like it when he throws down into the woods.....after finding a rattle snake I have no desire to go in there!

The start of spring also brought a sad goodbye for us, our friends the Strongs moved to Houston :( Ryan, Natascha, and Maddie spent Thanksgiving with us this year and recently welcomed Abby in December. We will miss them very much but know they will love this new adventure!

Wedding season is starting and we all know what that means......time to kick it into high gear and lose some weight! I am starting with portion control, no snacking, and exercise.......

Hudson pushing his gator


The big red ball

Me, Hudson, Natascha, Maddie, and Abby

Maddie and Hudson

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