Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Night Terrors

Poor Hudson has been suffering from night terrors this week. If you don't know what night terrors are count yourself lucky! Night terrors are very different from nightmares in many ways...
  • a person/child has no memory of night terror
  • occur 2-4 hours after a child has fallen asleep, when they are transitioning from non-REM sleep to REM
  • a child will usually sit upright in bed and shout or scream in fear, cry uncontrollably in toddlers
  • kick and thrash
  • sweat, breathe heavily, and heart rate increase
  • hard to wake up, unable to be consoled by parents
  • stare wide-eyed, confused, unable to speak or comprehend what is going on around them

All the research we have done says that you are never to try and wake, comfort, or talk to a child that is having a night terror. These things will only cause them to become more frightened. The hardest thing M and I have ever had to do is sit and watch as Hudson had a night terror the other night, listening to your child cry in fear rips at your heart!

We are going to try a few of the websites suggestions as to how to possibly prevent these in the future (Hudson thankfully did not have one last night).

Please pray for our sweet boy that he may sleep peacefully!

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