Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hanging out at the park

This past Sunday we decided to head over to Mead Gardens after the farmers market. We hadn't been since Hudson was around 9 months old so it was great to go back now that he can explore! Mack also loves exploring so my 2 boys had a ton of fun!

In other news, Hudson is now officially in his big boy bed! We tried it for nap on Saturday and it did not go well, think jumping up and down and singing! Saturday night he went down without much fight and slept until 9:30 Sunday morning! Since then he has done really well! We did find him out of bed this morning, he was reading books, We have a doorknob safety thing on the door so I am not worried about him getting out of his room, however we will see how long he quietly reads and then decide the best course of action!

Mommy and Hudson

This picture melts my heart!

Hudson rarely goes anywhere without cars

He loved watching the mallards that were right off the bank!

Daddy and Hudson looking for airplanes

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  1. Love all the photos! Melts my heart too :)


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