Monday, March 21, 2011

Big Boy Bed!

Well we finally bit the bullet and moved Hudson from his crib to his bed. He has been in his "new" bed for a week now and it seems to be going smoothly. The first day we put him the bed for nap he jumped up and down and sang songs so we had to go get him. That was really the only day we had a major problem. In the mornings he does get out of his bed, we find him reading books most of the time. Last night he seemed to be having little nightmares and kept getting out of bed and trying to open the door, after going and getting him 3 times we caved and let him sleep with us.

At first I didn't think I would be ok with him getting out of his bed since he can't get back in but he enjoys reading in the morning and there really isn't anything in his room that is super dangerous. We also have the video monitor so we can check out what he is up to. Now nighttime is a different story, if he had just been being defiant I probably would have just let him fall asleep on the floor but since the poor guy was seemingly still asleep every time I went to get him it wasn't an option last night.

Here are pictures of the new "big" boy room!

Hudson sleeps all over the place so the double bed works great for him!

The 2 very worn frogs are his main lovies, and don't worry the big pillows get moved when he sleeps

Looking at his room from the window

Looking from the wall his bed is on

His bookshelf and more frogs!

Somebody wasn't quite ready to get up from nap!

Hudson loves his car and truck sheets!

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