Monday, March 7, 2011

Birthday Party #2 at the Beach

Hudson was lucky enough to have a 2nd Birthday party with his Grandparents! My parents flew down and Mack's drove from Richmond! We decided to rent a house up at New Smyrna Beach so that no one had to stay at a hotel. Hudson loved the beach!

We had awesome weather Friday, Saturday was too windy for the beach, and of course Sunday was beautiful...when we had to leave!

I am so grateful that our parents are willing to come down here pretty often to see Hudson, he knows all of them by name at this point and just loves being with them!

Exploring the beach

Writing in the sand

Mommy and Hudson

Papa and Hudson chasing the sea gulls

Yummy blue crabs

They were so good!

Hudson after our morning walk

Hudson hanging out on the lower deck

Driving Daddy's Jeep

Hanging with the totem pole

Relaxing in his little arm chair!

Singing Happy Birthday with Big Daddy (Hudson calls Aubrey daddy so....)

Having a laugh with Papa

Family photo! (Mack and I have a strange habit of dressing alike, never on purpose!)

GiGi and Aubrey with the Birthday Boy!

Mimi, Hudson, and Papa letting you know Hudson is 2

Thanks Mimi, Papa, GiGi, and Grandaddy/big daddy for celebrating with us!

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  1. I think he's a better driver than his Daddy!


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