Thursday, March 10, 2011

A day in the life

I thought I would do a day in the life post today for you all. I am going to profile my Thursdays since they are usually the busiest. So here goes....
4:40am.......alarm goes off
5:20am.......roll out of bed and get ready for the day, make breakfast
5:45am.......get in car and drive to work
6:05am.......arrive at work
6:15am.......unlock building, turn off alarm, make coffee, turn on music and computers
6:30am......check in first 2 surgical patients, make charts for next weeks surgeries, check in more patients both surgical and non-surgical
12:00pm....try and eat lunch while still answering the phone and checking patients in and out
5:50pm.....turn off computers, music, and lights, clock-out, turn on alarm if there aren't any overnight patients
5:57pm.....rush out the door and down the street to pick up Hudson before 6
6:00pm....head home
6:30pm....arrive home if traffic is normal, add another 30 minutes if it is Friday
6:45pm.....feed Hudson dinner
7:00pm.....bath time for Hudson
7:30pm....Mack usually arrives home, hop in shower while Mack watches Hudson
8:00pm....Lay out Hudson's clothes for the next day and then put him to bed
9:00pm....go to bed in guestroom (this is done so that I don't wake up Mack in the Morning and so that he doesn't wake me up when he goes to bed)
So that is what life is like when you work 12 hour shifts! It may be a pain but it works for us. We have an awesome babysitter that comes to our house on Thursdays and Fridays to take Hudson to school. I enjoy my days off when I get to hangout with Hudson!
Here is the little guy at his 2yr appt.
Not the best picture but it shows his mood yesterday!
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