Tuesday, June 26, 2012

One Of Those Days

Yesterday was one of those days that I just wanted to bottle up forever! We don't usually have any plans on Mondays which is nice! I got down on the floor with Hudson and we played dinosaurs, legos, and trains all morning.

Before lunch I got out H's shape and color workbook and we did that...these workbooks are great for preschoolers! He was so proud of himself that he ran upstairs with his certificate and made me hang it up!

After a brief nap and an impromptu shower due to poop in the underwear I let H pick out his own outfit, madras shorts and a whale applique shirt won!

We promised Hudson that we could ride bikes after dinner so I watched as my boys rode around the neighborhood.

And while poopy underwear and having H get up a gazillion times are not things I enjoy the day overall was wonderful!

playing dinosaurs

So proud of himself

picked out his own outfit and pulled Rudolph out of the attic

riding over the rocks

following daddy

best night : )

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