Thursday, June 14, 2012

Life In Instagram

Here is a little life update for y'all! We have been super busy and next month will only be busier! Honestly if it weren't for instagram for iphone I probably wouldn't take pictures at all, I have hardly used my DSLR since getting the iphone!

We've been enjoying our morning walks on the greenway

cupcake mouth

Discovery Center with our friends

Flying an airplane

Mommy sold her beloved Bugaboo...I may have cried a little

drawing in the garage b/c it was too hot outside

rockin daddy's wayfarers 

H climbed up a tree

and played in the coal car

I took my child out without pants on for some drive thru CFA

playing in the dirt before dinner

H has been staying up way too late reading at night

we went to dinner & both played on our phones

Boys after church

I finally got my hands on beautiful Zara!

I learned that froggies get to watch movies too

I love snuggling with my boy!

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