Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy 6th Anniversary!

Six years ago yesterday I was in Charleston experiencing the wedding of my dreams! I had no idea that 6 years and 6 homes later we would have Hudson or be living in Tennessee! Some days it seems as if I've been married forever, we have been together for 12 years, and some days I feel like our wedding was just yesterday!

We have both changed and grown in 6 years, we've made new friends and lost touch with old ones, we often know what the other is thinking and prefer a night in with Hudson over a date (most of the time).  Here's to 6 more years of learning from each other!

(I love my hair & weight in this's hoping)

 can u believe this pic from 9/2011 is the last pic M and I have taken just the 2 of us!!! Crazy!

I also wanted to wish 2 of my favorite people a happy 1st anniversary today!!! Love y'all!


  1. Happy anniversary. That's a really cute pic of you and M last September.

  2. Happy Anniversary! I love your wedding dress. My 5 year Anniversary is this weekend :)

  3. Happy anniversary!! Cheers to 60 more! Love all the photos!


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