Friday, June 29, 2012

Flashback Friday: Our 1st Family Vacation

For our 1st family vacation we went to Richmond, Bon Harbours, and Kilmarnock. We are very lucky that both our families have houses about an hour and a half outside of Richmond in the Northern Neck.  It is nice to be able to fit both grandparents in when we go home :)

Hudson was around 6 months old when we went. We drove the 12 hours there and back and had the best little traveler! 

with Big Daddy and GiGi

dinner cruise on the Rappahanock 

sleeping on GiGi

playing with Uncle Todd

1st ride on the whaler with Papa :)

I love this view!

Grace swimming for the 1st time at the river

eating his hands

Hudson with Ragen, cousin Emma, and Aunt Mindy

with my cousin Wilson

Cousin Colby and Hudson

Hudson and my Aunt Betsy

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