Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Not Quite Settled

We all know the term "settled down" or get the question " when are you going to settle down," but what is settling down? M and I have been getting both of these questions since moving to TN and it got me thinking...

I've never been the settled down type, yes I go married at 23 but as I've said before the longest we have ever "settled" anywhere was 3 1/2 years in FL. For some reason after we live somewhere for a year I get itchy to either move houses, towns, states, or countries! I'm not sure why!

We have 5 months left on our lease here in our small town and so the question of what to do next is coming soon.  Pretty sure we will stay in our town and rent again because again we just don't know where we will be in the next 2 years so buying just doesn't really make sense for us.

M and I have always wanted to move over seas for a year or two while Hudson and any future babies are still young. With his company M could get a position overseas one day which makes us happy.

When I look into the future the only place I see us "settling" in is our hometown of Richmond. Maybe this is why we are content to move around and have all these adventures, because we know where we eventually want to end up. Every time we go home it gets harder and harder to leave, this last time we even said we couldn't go home again because it makes us too homesick when we leave!

Once you have kids I feel like people expect you to settle down and stay in one place forever. I'm content to not be "settled." We are happy, Hudson is thriving here in TN, and life is good!


  1. I totally know what you mean ... we didn't really settle down until this spring. Prior to that we moved all over the country and then all over NOLA. My mom was raised overseas - go for it!

  2. Is that Richmond Virginia by chance? I ask because I'm from Charlottesville. :)

  3. You do what works best for you. Your family is what matters most.

  4. That's a really awesome life! My husband and I sometimes dream about relocating (we've lived in the same state all of our lives), but i usually panic when I think about leaving everything/everyone I know.


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