Friday, August 26, 2011

I Miss Him

A year ago today I lost my first baby...Bruster.  Bruster was my rock, he had been there with me through out so many tough times and good times.  I rescued Bru at the very beginning of my 3rd year at ECU, he was always as big as a horse!  His original name was Buster but to me he just wasn't a Buster so I changed his name to Bruster...after the ice cream chain...long story.  Anyway he was just the best boy ever!  His favorite place in the world was in a car, he would hop into a trunk if left open!  He also loved to be at the river where he could run free and swim as often as he liked...I'm so glad I get to be at his favorite spot very soon!
We put Bruster down after he had 2 very scary seizures within 12 hours of each other, we had been told that he most likely had a brain tumor but even the vet was surprised at how fast it seemed to progressed.  That was the hardest day of my life.  I will forever miss him.

Bruster and Dixie

 Me and my boy in FL

 He was so handsome

 like I said...have trunk will jump

 chewing on my weights

Mack, me, and Bruster at the river

daddy and his boy

Bruster and Aston (who is also in heaven)

 Bruster at the river....he loved it so

this is the last picture of Bruster, he died 3 days later at the age of 8 :(

We miss you more than you will ever know!  Life doesn't quite seem the same without you, places don't seem the same without you too.  I hope you and Aston are sharing a big bed in heaven!

Love always
Mommy, Daddy, and Hudson

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