Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Day In The Life: Our New Normal

I did a day in the life post awhile ago but since our schedule has since changed I thought I would update it!

6:30am Hudson wakes up and I let him stay in his room for a little bit before I go get him

7-7:30am Hudson has breakfast...if we don't go for a walk he usually has yogurt or cereal, if we do go for a walk he has a nutrigrain bar

On this particular morning H really wanted to go for a ride in Daddy's jeep so I strapped him in and drove around the neighborhood at about 7:30

8:30-9:30am Hudson painted

9:30am we watch Dinosaur Train on PBS
10:00am we went to the park and were the only ones there so Hudson got to play on both playsets!

11:30am leave the park and since I forgot to bring water/juice we stop at McDonald's for a frozen strawberry lemonade!

12:00pm Hudson eats lunch (PBJ, applesauce, and veggie sticks)

12:30-3:30pm Naptime!!!!!!
3:30-4:00pm After I get H up we read or color for a little bit
4:00pm Thomas and Friends comes on PBS and this is by far H's favorite show
4:30-5:30 or 6pm we play outside or go for another walk, this day we chased butterflies around the backyard

6-6:30pm Hudson eats dinner (chicken nuggets, happy baby squeeze veggies, bananas, milk)
7:00pm Bath for H
7:30pm start getting ready for bed, brush teeth, use potty, read in bed
8:00pm lights out

So this is our new daily schedule, our activity varies day to day but the overall time frame is the same for everything. 

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