Thursday, August 18, 2011

Everyone Else Is Doing It...

So a lot of the blogs I read have been talking about confessions or things that maybe you think but don't always say out loud and so I thought I would let y'all in on a few confessions.

  • I am not a neat freak.  I love when my house is clean and everything is put away but I am not one of those people who goes nuts over it.
  • At some point I always wanted to be a SAHM and I was for 18 months.  I wouldn't trade those 18 months for anything in the world, however now that I am a SAHM again after working for a year I can't imagine not working.  Don get me wrong I love Hudson with every fiber of my being, I just feel I am missing something.  I miss my "alone" time and adult conversation like most mom's but I also miss contributing to our finances.  My old schedule worked well, 3 days of work and 2 days with H, if I could find that again I would jump for joy!
  • We live on a tight budget, made even tighter since I am out of work.  Thankfully I love a good yard or consignment sale and most of H's toys are second hand!  
  • I miss my family and I wish we lived closer
  • I hate my body but what I hate even more is that I lack the motivation to do anything about it. (not fishing for compliments just being real)
  • Can I pay someone to potty train????
  • Hudson is in the middle of the terrible two's and I might not survive it!
So there ya go, nothing too shocking to start with but just some things I am feeling at the moment.

A side note:  today I took H to lunch at Chik-Fil-A, when I got him out of the car he was soaking wet so I changed his clothes in the bathroom and we went on with our little lunch date.  Towards the end of lunch H said he had to go pee pee so I got him and guess what...the little booger had already peed all over the high chair and floor (he hadn't had anything to drink this entire time!), cue mommy grabbing all the napkins she could to try and clean it up.  So to the bathroom we went again where I shoved another pair of underwear and shorts into my purse.  We left after this but I have never been more thrilled that I carry extra clothes with me than today!

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