Thursday, August 30, 2012

Life In Instagram Plus A Recipe

Once again instagram to the rescue...

It was quiet upstairs 1 morning & when I came upstairs this is what I found

H likes to cook

We meet some new twitter friends!
Rhys, Annie Louise, and Hudson

crazy hula hoop ladies

Farmer's Market with Sydney

building a Nissan

I made Skillet Ravioli one night...recipe below

Hudson practicing relaxing for vacation

Skillet Ravioli Recipe

(serves 2)
1/2 lb ground turkey
small bag frozen ravioli
half jar of your favorite pasta sauce

cook ravioli per package instructions
cook turkey in pan, once cooked add sauce...I usually add some garlic powder but flavor to taste
put cooked ravioli on plate and add sauce on top

so easy and so good!

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