Thursday, August 2, 2012

More Mountains and Bon Fires

As I promised here are some more pictures from our weekend up in the mountains! I cannot tell you how much fun we had, hopefully we can go again soon!

I love this butt! 

 all the canoes and jon boats

The pool was on this beautiful cliff with a beautiful overlook....this boy just melts my heart

and from this picture it is pretty obvious that my child looks nothing like me :(

waiting for s'mores

Hudson didn't know what to think of s'mores and really just ended up holding it the whole time

On our last morning we went to breakfast in Sewanee at the Blue Chair which is this cute eclectic restaurant that staffs women who have been battered or suffered other hardships. It was really good! 

Afterwords we drove over to the Natural Bridge and went for a brief hike, the trail was pretty overgrown so we turned around out of fear of poison ivy!

the bridge is a bridge of rock...hence the natural bridge

Hiking with Daddy

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