Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Feeling Stuck While Running In Place

Do you ever feel stuck in a certain phase of your life and it seems your in a holding pattern? No? Just me?

I know I talk a lot about how losing my job affected me last summer, but the truth is until I land a new job I still have this lingering feeling of failure. Now it was in a sense a blessing to be able to move from FL to TN without the added pressure of having to immediately find a job. I was still collecting those wonderful if not small unemployment checks.  Those have stopped and I am once again thrust into the rejection that is job hunting.

Constantly applying and almost never even having someone return a call or email is probably the most frustrating thing ever! However I keep telling myself that the more I get my resume out there the better chance I have.

I've had plenty of interviews and even turned down a job but I'm still searching, still stuck. The most common question I get asked in my interviews is why I want to go back to work after being home with Hudson for over a year now. It's a hard question to answer, on one hand I yearn to be back in the workplace, contributing to our family, etc., on the other hand I do love being home with Hudson, so I always feel awkward answering.

M and I have had many discussions about how much I would need to make to work either part-time or full-time to make it even worth it with the cost of child care and commuting. We've all but exhuasted all the if's and's and but's.

I guess I'm just ready for everything to fall into place and move forward in this season of my life. I don't like feeling stuck, it doesn't suit me. So while I continue to run in place I will keep the faith because I know HE has a plan for me and my family.


  1. He does have a plan for you. For now, just enjoy that time with H! I'd LOVE to stay at home with Easton but having a job is a blessing too. Good luck girl!

  2. I can identify with you so so much on feeling stuck. I felt that way a few years back and it's what spurred my move to Tennessee.

    I'm also job searching right now and feel your pain there. I do have a job plus free lance work and I'm so grateful for that but my full-time job is sucking the life and the happy right out of me. I've gotten a lot of Nos, including one yesterday that I really thought would work out. It sucks.

    But keep your head up. This is all part of his plan. It really is. For now, enjoy your time with your sweep baby and know that it'll all fall into place when its meant to. :)


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