Monday, August 27, 2012

The Intimidation Factor

I still consider myself new to this whole blogging thing. When I started my blog I really had no idea the world that would open up to me. I've embraced that world, made friends, meet new people, and most importantly learned "how" to blog.

Now, with that being said I still feel intimidated by the blogging world in general. I have a mere 29 followers, no sponsors, and no cool blog design that I paid for. When I'm reading other blogs I think wow these ladies have it all together, they can write one day about their kids then the next day your drawn in by their writing on their faith...see the intimidation...

I'm intimidated to put myself out there for the world...what if nobody likes what I have to say, or what if I make a fool out of myself! I know that these other bloggers that I look up to probably started out like I did and I take some comfort in that but man do I wish I could just put it out there.

Then I think gosh these ladies have created a business out of their blogs and man that must be a lot of responsibilities. Maybe one day this blog will go places but for now it's just us :)

So to my followers, please bear with me as I find my voice on this here blog. I might not always make sense or have insightful posts but I'm trying and I appreciate your blog support!


  1. Your blog is wonderful! Don't be too hard on yourself. Everyone starts out with a couple followers and looking for their voice. You and your blog will change over time and adapt. As you become more comfortable with blogging, you'll gain more and more readers like you. The blogging community is pretty amazing and very supportive of each other. Keep up the great work!

  2. I hope you will continue to find your voice! I still have a level of intimidation when I blog and know exactly what you mean. I get jealous when I see someone blog about what they had for lunch and it gets 80 comments. I don't want to make my blog a business, but I want to enjoy it and continue to grow my readership.

  3. My hubby and I were just talking about this! I found a blog recently where the writer was very transparent about how much money she is making. My jaw dropped but I know it must be such a huge responsibility. Keep plugging! Blog for you :)

  4. Just keep being you. Blog because you want to. I find the blogs were the author stays true to themselves instead of just in it to make money are the best ones. I've enjoyed reading your blog and getting to know you!


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