Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mimi's Visit!

Hello! Sorry I have been MIA!!! Vacation was amazing and I just really enjoyed my break!

The week we left for vacation my mom happened to be in N'ville for business so we got to hangout with her! She stayed with us Saturday & Sunday night and then Hudson and I drove her to work Monday :) We checked into her hotel, lounged for a minute or two and then walked around the city. Met mom for lunch and then napped at the hotel!

The plan for H to nap there was because I thought his swimming lessons were at 3:45 so it didn't make sense to drive home and then have to drive back towards the city for lessons...well we showed up and no one was there! I got the time we went down to the lake and H splashed around until it was time to go which point I realized I had the time wrong again!! My mommy brain was in full force!

We didn't get home that night until after 7 and I just wanted to cry :(

In a rare midweek treat M, Hudson, and I went back up to the city to have dinner with mom on her last night! We went to Puckett's and it was so good!

Mimi left Thursday, we left Friday, and we saw Mimi again on Sunday! Not bad for living in different states!

what I like to refer to as the Batman building

bridges over the Cumberland River


Hudson loved walking by the river

LP Field!

playing in the lake

Love these 2 so much!

Hudson & Elvis! (happened to be the anniversary of his death :( )

Printers Alley

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