Wednesday, January 25, 2012

So What Wednesday


  • If I am turning 29 tomorrow...1 more year till 30
  • I've applied to 3 jobs this week that I really want but am pretty sure I wont get...#usedtoit
  • I was having a bad day yesterday and got the nicest note in the mail from a new MOPS friend that made my day! Nothing beats handwritten notes!
  • H will pee all day on the potty but as soon as we put a pull up on him for bed and leave the room he poops, and thus begins the nightly up & down routine
  • H also tried to walk out the front door yesterday, he said he was going to see my parents dogs...
  • I am so glad not to be in FL for the primary and all the negative ads that come with it, I barely made it in '08 and after Rick Scott's despicable attack ads I am disgusted by the whole thing
  • I really need a girls weekend....any takers?
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