Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas In Virginia Part I

Well Christmas has come and gone :( Tomorrow M goes back to work after 10 days off...not sure what we will do without him! We drove to VA the Thursday before Christmas, it was an awful drive, it poured the whole way :(  M was amazing and drove the whole way, I stayed awake with him.  We pulled into my parents  driveway around 3:30am and went straight to bed! Our trip was fast, exhausting, and fun all in one. I loved being home but am so glad to be back in my own bed, in my own space :) There are a ton of pictures, here are the ones from my camera, I got M a camera for Christmas but we cannot find the cord to connect it to the computer so those will come later ;) Enjoy!

Hudson getting a kiss from Dixie

hanging out with papa

 sleeping on dog beds is a theme....

Friday night we went on the Richmond Tacky Light Tour and only took 1 picture :(

Christmas Eve, Hudson became obsessed with my cousin Mallory and followed her around all night!

 the kids table, Wilson, Hudson, Colby, and Mallory

We let H open presents from the cousins....CARS cars were a big hit

giving Wilson a kiss

hugging Colby

Uncle Chuck found a friend

Bonnie and Todd

someone didn't want to stop playing to sit with his Uncle Todd

our little family on Christmas Eve

We headed down to M's parents after Christmas Eve dinner and got ready for Santa

Santa came and left a note for H

When H came downstairs Christmas morning he could have cared less about any of the presents, he promptly sat down and started playing with his own toys....mommy had to open his presents

Mommy got a new pair of Hunter boots and a Barbour jacket....score!

cute little guy...wearing one of M's old outfits

 Big Daddy with Hudson and Emma

 Hudson and Big Daddy

Uncle Lee and Emma opening presents

Emma and Hudson eating lunch together

Hudson and Uncle Todd

the girls were tired

H got a little better about opening presents by the time we got back to my parents

a couple days after Christmas we got together with some of M's best friends growing up and had a big playdate

Abby teaching Hudson how to play 

Eliza and Olivia playing in the toychest

Abby and Hudson put on a performance for me

itty bitty Claire walking around after the big kids

remember when I said sleeping on dog beds was a theme...

the guys...
Johnathan & Abby (Claire not pictured), Scott (baby on the way), Zander & Eliza (Olivia in polka dots), M & Hudson

Scott, Johnathan, Zander, and Mack

the, Regan, Elaine, and Annie

Mimi, Hudson, and Papa

look at that smile!

 mom and dad with Jess

Dixie wanted in on the action

some of H's loot, floor dinosaur puzzle, lincoln logs, melissa & doug blocks

Dinosaur Train time tunnel

a new tool bench

and a new tunnel with tent

Hope everyone is having a great Monday! We will be staying inside today with a high of 34 and wind chill of 21!

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