Wednesday, December 21, 2011

So What Wednesday

I am linking up with Shannon for So What Wednesday! I haven't done one in a long time so bear with me....

So What If...

  • I wrapped over 30 presents without figuring out how I was going to pack them in the car
  • I almost lost it on the DMV information desk lady yesterday
  • Hudson is watching a movie in our bed while I type this
  • I am more excited about being able to sleep in than anything else about going home
  • I'm nervous about meeting my lil' brothers new girlfriend, what if she thinks I'm not cool
  • I'm super excited about driving around in my parents suv with friends to look at tacky lights, it's the thing to do in Richmond
  • my wrapping skills suck
  • I secretly want to stay here in TN for Christmas because I know we will be pulled every which way once home

4 more days until Christmas!!


  1. I'm totes jealous that H will actually lay in the bed and watch a movie while you type!!!

  2. How do you get Hudson to watch movies in bed? OMG if I could only convince Smith!

    Merry Christmas!


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