Thursday, December 22, 2011

Let The Craziness Begin

Today we will head home, where we will be hugged and kissed and loved! While we are lucky that our parents live within 30 minutes of each other it sometimes can make for crazy holidays!  So here is a look at our schedule starting Christmas Eve through Christmas Day : )

Christmas Eve:

* dinner with my parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and my aunts parents
* after dinner we act out the Christmas Story with my Aunt Betsy usually playing baby Jesus since she is a Christmas baby
* M, H, and I then head to M's parents
* M goes to church with his parents
* We sleep there

Christmas Day (this is this year's schedule):

* wake up and drive to my parents house for breakfast & presents
* drive back to M's parents for brunch with his brother, SIL, and niece
* H takes nap and who are we kidding we will probably pass out too
* drive back to my parents
* go to my Godparents awesome open house!
* dinner at the Japanese Steak House for Aunts birthday
* H sleeping at my parents
* M & I head back down to where his parents live
* go to our friends Open House
* sleep at M's parents

We usually do breakfast with M's parents Christmas morning and then head up to my Cousins for lunch but since Christmas is on Sunday M's dad has to play the organ at church so we are changing it up a little.

As stressed out as I get about how we are going to see everyone and make everybody happy we really wouldn't have it any other way!

Betsy, Chuck, Mom, and Daddy

we are weird and wear Christmas headbands when we open presents

Todd, Lisa, Daddy, Mallory, and Colby looking at new book on Muskoka

 Mack and I in 2008

Chuck, Betsy, Mack, Me, and Daddy at dinner

Mom, Chuck's parents, and Todd

H and Daddy in front of the tree

Mommy and H

Mack with Emma and Hudson

Lee, Emma, Hudson, and Mack

My family: Todd, Mom, Mack, H, Me, and Daddy

Hudson hanging out under my Godparents tree

checking out presents with Emma

Mack, Mike, and Jonathan

Merry Christmas!

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