Thursday, December 15, 2011

Oh What Fun It Is...To Make Memories

Today is the 4th installment in the Oh What Fun Series....I did not post anything yesterday because I did not get the creative gene from either parent :(  I'm linking up with AP to talk about making memories!

Growing up I have such wonderful memories of our Christmas traditions!

  • Our church always has a pageant the Saturday before Christmas and that was the thing to go to!
  • When my cousins lived in the same town we would all pile into 1 car and drive around to see the lights in their neighborhood
  • Richmond is the only place I've lived that has a tacky light tour and to this day it is my favorite thing to do
  • We always had Christmas Eve dinner at my maternal grandparents house, Big Daddy would sing Silent Night in German and then read us The Night Before Christmas, my mother has taken over dinner hosting and my dad reads to H, we now also do a reenactment of the Christmas Story with my younger cousins and H
  • Christmas morning we weren't allowed to go into the living room until daddy started the fire, Santa never wrapped his presents just left them on the hearth, we would have breakfast casserole & toasted pound cake for breakfast before heading to my paternal grandparents house, then to my godparents open house, and finally dinner at the Japanese Steak House for my Aunt Betsy's birthday dinner (she is a Christmas Baby)
Here are some of the traditions we have started with Hudson

Cutting down our Christmas tree as a family

Baking cookies

We also want to make sure Christmas is about Jesus and not completely about Santa or how many presents you get.  I have been letting H put money in every Salvation Army bucket we see, it is an easy way to show him at this age how to give. I saw on Meredith's blog that she and her husband wrap 25 books about Christmas for their boys to open 1 everyday, I will be stealing this idea :)  I am so excited for Christmas this year, a part of me really wants to stay at home and have it be just the 3 of us but I am excited to see our families and spend this wonderful holiday with them! Merry Christmas!!!

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