Sunday, December 18, 2011

Catch Up

So I thought I should do a catch up post after our week of Christmas posts last week.  We have been so wonderfully surprised with how much there is to do in and around Murfreesboro! They have a wonderful children's center that has parent and tot classes 3 days a week, beautiful parks with hiking trails, and phenomenal playgrounds.  For the price of a family membership to the Orlando Science Center we got a membership to the Nashville Zoo and The Discovery Center!  Having all of these things available to Hudson and I has really made my life easier!!!

This weekend we went took Hudson to the zoo for the first time.  To say that he loved it would be an understatement! We were also happy to hear that they will have a dinosaur exhibit this spring :) Today Hudson and I checked out a new church.  They were having their Christmas pageant so I knew H would like it!  I really liked the church and can't wait to go to more services and get involved. Getting excited about Christmas and seeing H's excitement! 

my mom was here the week we moved in and I forgot to post this pic :)

my dad came to town 2 weeks ago for an overnight visit with the little guy

these 2 just have so much fun together

M and I always love to lie under the tree and look up at the lights, we taught H this year!

M made clam chowder and I used my new Erin Condren tags to give some to our neighbors

here are the zoo pictures, it was freezing when we got there but we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves!

the zebras were eating so they didn't come over to where we were

(excuse my weird hand placement)


the Lynx were so cute washing each other 

so happy he spotted the sleeping alligator

the awesome playground at the zoo

daddy slid right through the water!

somebody was throwing a little fit...

he got over it...

Hope everyone had a great weekend! The countdown to our Christmas road trip begins tomorrow!

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