Tuesday, September 18, 2012

River Olympics

Every Labor Day weekend our river community hosts a little Olympics, it has been going on since before I was born! There used to be more events such as croquet, sailing, and horseshoes. We still have swimming, golf, paddle tennis, and tennis! I was so excited for Hudson to participate this year as it holds such wonderful memories for me.

Thank goodness nobody got a picture of the Mom and Tot race b/c the water was freezing per usual and I may have had a horrified look on my face the whole time ;) After our little race Hudson searched for pennies and soda cans.

Hudson's cousin Emma, Uncle Lee, and Aunt Mindy came over from the farm with GiGi and the kids had a blast playing tennis until Hudson crashed hard from his day of activity and slept for almost 4 hours!

Uncle Todd & Hudson

 Uncle Todd is a little rusty on how to pick up a wild toddler

Bonnie and Todd...you can tell how windy it was

waiting patiently for the pennies to be dropped

pucker face after trying 7-up

tennis with Uncle Lee and Emma

sulking toddler

Papa swimming with the dogs

Stay Tuned for Friday!!! I am hosting an awesome Stella & Dot Party...I might even decided to giveaway something too :)

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