Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Letter To Myself

Dear 17 year old me,

Your nearing the end of your high school journey, don't rush it, these will be the days you look back on, good and bad. You will only apply to one college and you'll get in, the only person from your school to go. This last year and a half in high school will be full of friends, parties, fights, and makeups.

You will meet the boy you'll marry six years from now this summer! No one will think it will last...
Now this boy will be older than you but that doesn't keep you from all your high school friends, you will make him take you to prom, have your first college party experience (it won't be pretty), and he'll be there when you graduate. Relationships aren't perfect and this one won't be, but you'll both put in the work and in nine years you'll get the best surprise ever...a baby!

When you go to college you'll meet some amazing girls, they will be with you for four years! When you move in with 3 of them the fights will be epic but somehow you'll always forgive and forget. So much so that 3 of you will then move in with 2 more girls and be in for a wild ride that ends with your dad buying you a house in the middle of the year. You won't learn your lesson and the next year 1 of your former roommates will move back in with you and boy will it be crazy! Listen, don't let this friendship pass you by like I did, you will get a phone call in a few years and she won't be here anymore.

You will go to London to study abroad and fall in love with the city! Your Godmother lives outside the city and you will see her for the first time in over 20 years. The classes you take are amazing, you get to go to the theater every night! You'll travel to Prague and hangout with one of your friends that lives there! Your supposed to travel on to France and Italy after your classes but you will be sick and have to come home...more on that later.

The sickness from London will be with you for awhile, there won't be many answers and you'll have to withdraw from school to deal with it. You will go back to London and get is wonderful! If you listen to one thing please listen to not transfer back home! If you do please do not take psych will ruin you for your short time at VCU. Oh and from the beginning you should have been an education major and not a stubborn history major!

The next years will move quickly, the highs will be high and the lows will be lows, but you will come out on top! You'll get to be a mom and watch your son grow into an amazing little boy. Have fun, don't rush through your life!


  1. Love this! I need to do one of these! I'm not sure what I'd say about some chapters though. Yeesh. LOL.

  2. Oh, I love these posts. There's so much I should say to my 17 year old self...she could really use a kick in the ass too. Haha!


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