Friday, March 9, 2012

FlashBack Friday: Where We've Lived

M and I have been married for almost 6 years and we have lived in 6 different places! I thought I would recap all the places we have lived, I couldn't find a picture of our favorite house in Williamsburg though :( Enjoy!

When we 1st got married I was living with my friend Clair, M moved in and we lived there for 2 months.

Our 1st house in Williamsburg was interesting...we had had a house but the renters went to the owner and asked to stay even though we had a contract! This was the last thing available on short notice before M started B School. It had shag carpeting, orange kitchen countertops, washer & dryer in the kitchen, and it backed up to a restaurant parking lot! It was small but we survived!

This is where the picture of our 2nd place in W'burg should go but alas I cannot for the life of me find a picture...the google maps picture is of the big magnolia tree in front of the house! This was our favorite house, we would both move back to that house in a heart beat!

In between moving out of our W'burg house and moving to Orlando I lived at my parents river house, M was in Thailand doing an internship.

My dad and I in front of our 1st house in Orlando. I rented this house sight unseen, literally drove into town straight to the house, signed the papers, and the movers showed up the next day! I had 3 weeks to get the house set up while M was still in Thailand. We loved the location of this house but the layout was horrible, all the windows needed to be replaced, and none of the doors went all the way to the floor!

We purchased our 1st home in '09 when we thought the market was at its lowest :( While we missed being in the city our neighbors really made up for that! We also loved the 3 community pools, tennis courts, and walking trails! 

Here we are today, renting again and downsized into a town house. Sometimes the space feels big and sometimes it doesn't but we are enjoying it so far! 

Check back next year because I am sure we have another move in our future!

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  1. You all move almost as much as we do! I have a post on one of our moves partially drafted ... it's crazy how many homes we've had!


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