Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The 1 Day Hudson Didn't Like Dinosaurs...

M and I were so excited to take Hudson to the Nashville Zoo this weekend for their DinoTrek exhibit! Hudson loves dinosaurs, we watch Dinosaur Train everyday and even have some of the toys! I mean what boy wouldn't love the combination of dinosaurs and trains. So back in December we bought a membership to the zoo in anticipation of DinoTrek, with a membership it was only $3 extra for each of us to go to DinoTrek.

When Saturday rolled around we, M and I, got up early, made breakfast, packed snacks for H and headed to the zoo. We got there at about 9:45 and were ready to go! We made a beeline for DinoTrek, so excited to see H's reaction!

Well, H's reaction was anything but great, poor guy was so scared he was shaking like a leaf! Big parent fail! I really didn't realize that the dinosaurs would be moving and roaring, guess I was thinking it would be more educational, clearly I was wrong. I ended up carrying him through the whole thing.

Once we exited the exhibit H was fine, we walked around the rest of the zoo and then headed home for naps.  All in all we had a good day, just a word to the wise for any of you Nashville moms, this exhibit would be better for 5 and older, and you should get there early...when we left at 11:45 the line was wrapped around through the parking lot!

H looking at the Macaws

Screaming Monkeys in the trees

The original farm house, the zoo sits on the original farm property

tired boy!

riding the train with dada! almost made up for the dinosaurs

Happy Tuesday!

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