Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Richmond Vacation!

Well Hudson and I got back from Richmond last Wednesday and let me tell you we had the best time!  We really missed not having Mack with us :(  I drove nonstop both ways, 12 hours!!!!!!!  Hudson was a great co-pilot!  
Richmond was still a mess from Hurricane Irene, most places were out of power the whole time we were there.  My parents luckily never lost power, a rare miracle!  They had a full house with Hudson, myself, my aunt Betsy, and Uncle Chuck.  Here is part of our time in pictures, there are much more to come!

 we had dinner with my cousins who just adore H

 Todd (my bro), Mallory, H, Wilson, and Colby
 I took H to his first baseball game...he was in heaven!
 H enjoying some dippin' dots with Ti

 H was obsessed with the guys!
 H with Holder, Scotty, and Jason

 H became really attached to Scotty, he wouldn't let him go anywhere without him

 He even watched the fireworks with Scotty and Ti

We got to go to the river thank goodness!  Our community was the hardest hit in the whole county with at least 1 house being condemned!  Thankfully our house and boat were spared and the power was back on by Wednesday!  All the fun activities were cancelled and a lot of people stayed home but we still partied!

 only damage at our house....amazing
 H riding his trike

 the crab

 playing on the porch

 H eating lunch with Papa

 helping Papa replace the shingles that blew off

 the girls
 Remi, Jess, and Dixie (momma)

 Cousin Emma came to visit with Gigi and Aunt Mindy

 too cute
 walking to the boat
 Aunt Mindy and Emma

 having fun on the boat!

 driving with Papa

 I mean are they adorable or what?

 Kissin' cousins!

 They had the best time with each other

One of the nights at the river we had a sushi party at our house!  My uncle Chuck made sushi for everyone, my dad cooked 4 flat iron steaks, and we had everyone bring a side dish.  It was so much fun!

H dressed in his party best
 Hanging out with Uncle Todd

 Chuck, the sushi master
 H was up very early the next morning much to my dismay!

more pictures later!  We are enjoying are week at the beach together as a family and are dreading getting back to the real world!

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