Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm Starting To Age Myself

So for some reason lately I have started to say things that really show my age! It isn't intentional, I just sometimes forget to think before I talk.

Case and point number 1:
At best buy
Me: (after seeing napster gift card at checkout) wow I didn't know napster still existed
BB girl: yep, best buy bought them
Me: napster reminds me of college
BB grl: you have to pay for it now
Me: well that sucks

Number 2
Our local pop radio station was playing old school Chili Peppers which immediately took me to high school, look I love all music but I can't imagine what people thought seeing an suv driving mom with the windows down singing along to Chili Peppers with a 2 year old in back! Thank goodness H is too young to be embarrassed

And this one once again proves H looks nothing like me
(While at chik-fil-a)
I'm taking our stuff to the booth and about to put 1 of those throw away placemats on the table, nice old lady who works there comes over
Lady: here the moms tell me this is the way to do it
Ummmm I am his mom and I know how to attach a placemat to the table!
She then digs into his kids meal bag and pulls out the toy, which is veggies tale cd and begins to tell me how to use cd and who the veggie tales are.
First, I don't need your hands all over my son's food, second if I had a question about a toy I would ask!

So just a few examples of my week so far....
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  1. This reminded me of driving around in that huge station wagon you used to drive, listening to Country Grammar by Nelly when it first came out.....in 2000....when we were in High School....wahhhh

  2. I like when I'm driving around with the windows down bumping some music and feeling really cool...and then I remember that I'm driving a van with 4 kids in the back.

  3. Ha I remember that Evan!

    Cathon you have me beat with the minivan!


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