Thursday, September 15, 2011

More Fun In VA

The fun continues.........

 Papa and Hudson

 playing at the beach, H decided he wanted to drink the Potomac, more on that to come...

 the new boat!

 Uncle Todd has a rough life

 we could not keep him out of the water for a second!

 Todd, H, and Papa

 somebody was worn out
 fell asleep after his bath
 this is the beginning of the night of many outfits...

 H isn't in this pic, he is off to the side in his 2nd outfit

 I walked up to H after taking pictures of the water he had some lovely stuff running down his legs!  This is the child that has never had a blowout in his life!  Thank goodness for outdoor showers!  H suffered from "Potomac Revenge" poor guy!

 pulling up his pants


 making the dogs get his toys out of the river

 Papa, Hudson, Mimi, Mr Thomas, and Mrs Thomas

 for some reason H looks like a stiff doll!

 driving the boat

 Hudson with Mimi and Papa before heading back to FL

We miss y'all!!!!!!!!!

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