Monday, April 4, 2011

Well We Lost

So my Rams lost to Butler in the final four :( I must admit I was pretty bummed but the boys played their hearts out and we are so proud of them!

Before the big game I went to my friend Stephanie's wedding at Rollins College! It was beautiful that I went to take pictures and noticed that I had not put the battery back in after I charged it!!! Not my brightest moment!

While I was gone Mack watched Hudson since we couldn't find a sitter, they had sooooo much fun together! There was a lot of outside play and very little nap :)

When I got home we put on our black and gold and watched the game :)

Hope everyone has a great week :)

So happy before the game

Go V-C-U!!!

Special thanks to my mom and Jonathan Ridout who sent us shirts :)

Sweet boy

A little mowing without pants....classy

Eating cereal with Daddy

Frosting face after we had a surprise party for Britt!

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