Sunday, April 17, 2011

Diapers As A Fashion Statement

We had a wonderful weekend here in Florida, the weather was absoultely beautiful and we spent a ton of time outside! Mack finished painting our living room which only leaves the chair rail to be put up and then that room will be done! Hudson constantly wants to be outside....which is great but he always seems to find himself in the biggest dirt pile! We have a busy week ahead, I'm, working Monday, Tues, and Thurs, taking Hudson to an Easter Egg hunt Wed, and then havig our own Easter party on Friday! Lot's to do! Hopefully this week and next week will go by super fast and before you know it I will be headed to Charleston for a bachelorette weekend!!!!! I am beyond excited for a baby free weekend :)

Hudson and Mommy (check out the newly chopped off hair)

Driving his gator Hudson has been helping Daddy with yardwork We took H out in the Jeep with the top down for the 1st time Baby Boy wanted to wear a diaper over his pants...... he is such a ham!!! I saw this beautiful sunset and had to grab my camera and capture it!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday :)

P.S. Please keep a friend of mine and her husband in your prayers, they had their baby girl Sunday, she has already defied doctors by coming out pink and screaming and his fighting for her life in the NICU

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