Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Part I

Well we had our 1st Christmas just the 3 of us this year! We were unable to go to Richmond due to my lack of vacation time and the cost of plane tickets. It turned out for the best in the end because I came down with the flu on the 23rd after work. Poor Mack had to do everything on Christmas Eve, take care of Hudson, wrap presents, put together Hudson's kitchen, etc. He really surprised me with how much he took on!

Christmas morning I was feeling well enough to get up with Hudson and let Mack sleep in for a little while. Hudson ran into the living room and went straight to my new bike, I had to direct him over to his kitchen, which he loved!

After we finished opening presents we skyped with the Lindsey's and then we were just lazy the rest of the day until picking up my parents at the airport.

It was a wonderful day for our little family :-)

The tree

Daddy made cookies for Santa

Hudson playing with his new kitchen

Santa ate some cookies and left Hudson a thank you note!

He decided that he would rather have cookies than a waffle for breakfast

playing with all of his new cars

Daddy putting together his car/train track

reading a book in his tent that he got from Pete and Jill

Daddy and Hudson on Christmas morning

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