Monday, January 24, 2011

Del Rey Trip From Hell

I would love to say that our mini vacation down to Del Rey to spend time with Mack's parents and my Uncle Chuck's Aunt Dot (long story about how Mack's parents have known her forever...small world), but it didn't.

2 Fridays ago I got a call at work around 4:45 saying that Hudson had been pushed by another student and hit his head on the concrete sidewalk and that because it was a head injury I needed to come get him. My poor little guy had a huge goose egg that was all bloody and scraped when I got there, I took him back to work with me and had Dr. Clark check him out. He didn't need stitches but we were told to watch out for vomiting etc.

So we left for Del Rey around 7 and made great time since we had missed all the traffic on 95. When we got to the hotel room Hudson was so upset from being woken up and having to try to go to sleep while looking right at us! We put him in bed with us and he promptly got out of bed, got his diaper bag and tried to leave the room....poor guy just wanted to go home.

Saturday was great, I went shopping with Helen and Dot and the boys went golfing. Saturday night we went out to dinner in Palm Beach, Hudson and I were dancing and having the best time.....until he started vomiting....about 5 times in a row! Thank God I had put him down because if he had thrown up on me I would have lost my lunch.

I cleaned him off and we took him back to hotel. We called the DR on way back to hotel and of course were told to go to the ER.....ughhh! He threw up again at the hotel so we packed him up and found Broward General (they have a Peds ER) and after 4 hours and a CT later we were sent home with a stomach virus diagnosis (with no fever).

Sunday Hudson was fine and we had a nice lunch in Del Rey. Our nice mini vacation was a trip from hell and we probably wont be taking any trips anytime soon!!!!

Although Mack and I could use a weekend away if any Grandparents want to volunteer to come stay with Hudson!

Hudson looking wonderful at dinner

Mommy and Hudson dancing together

Lunch in Del Rey (and Mommy's amateur camera skills)

This guy owes his mommy and daddy big time!

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