Thursday, January 27, 2011

Almost Two

Today Hudson is 23 months.....23 months! Time has flown by and while I want it to slow down so I can cherish every moment, I am also so excited for the person that Hudson is becoming. His birthday party is coming along, we are going with a red wagon theme, I have been making invitations, banners, etc!

Along with Hudson turning 2 comes the question of when are "we" having number 2. Here is the dilemma, I have always wanted more than 1 and after having 1 only having 1 more....still with me....M would be happy to just stay a 1 child family. Yes we talked about kids before we got married (hello we dated for 6 years) and kind of settled on 2 kids. But now that we have Hudson life is great, we love him sooo much it is hard to imagine bringing someone else into our love fest so to speak. I do believe that when you have a second child you don't love your first any less, your heart basically grows allowing you to love your second as fiercely as your first. It was almost a blessing that Hudson was our little surprise because having to think about planning to have another is when all of these questions came up.

I have decided to make a pro and cons list....not sure if I want to share it yet.
Also how do you reconcile the fact that 1 parent wants another child and 1 doesn't? Will I resent M if we don't have another child? Will he resent me if we do? These are the things I have been stressing about today.

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