Monday, January 14, 2013

The Grass Is Always Greener...

We've all heard the term above and yet I didn't really think it applied to me until I had an email conversation with another blogger the other day.  While I will admit I have been jealous of others or thought why do things come easy to certain people, I have never been a grass is greener person.

When emailing with my fellow blogger about her decision to go back to work she used the grass is always greener term and it hit me, why yes I find myself thinking how nice it must be to stay at home instead of work. Although I enjoy my job and am happy to be back in the working world there is always that lingering feeling of my days as a stay at home mom.

How easy it was to travel or go on vacation when I/we wanted, if I felt like having a pj day I could, hell if I felt like not showering or putting on makeup that was ok to.  And then I stop myself because when I was a SAHM my thouhgts crept to how working moms got to get out of the house, have responsibilities other than their children, and happy hours (although I have yet to experience a work happy hour).

So you see the grass will always be greener no matter what I chose and once I realized that I actually came to a sort of peace with where I am in my life and who knows maybe I'll be a SAHM again someday in the future but not today, today I will enjoy someone else entertaining Hudson after single momming it for the last 4 days!

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