Thursday, January 3, 2013

Church Christmas Pageant

This year Hudson was able to be in the Christmas pageant at our church! He was cast as a sheep although he really wanted to be a flamingo because apparently they were at the birth of Jesus. 

M was out of town at a DMB concert so I had a friend take pictures while I videoed. Hudson was seated right in front of where I was and every time he would stand up to sing he would tell me he was shy & scared....which is rarely true

the angels

Hudson and Ben, the sheep

the sheppards

one of the "I'm shy mommy" moments

and here is where my child stole the show....he pulled the mic down and said "BAAAAAA" the entire church started laughing! I was dying, I mean at least he said baaaa and not something else right?

he was pretty smitten with himself for creating a speaking role for the sheep

the sheep seem to be plotting something...

they had to be pried off the mic...

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